Zechariah Zatar is the owner and operator of Zechariah Photography Zechariah is a Certified Professional Photographer located in the vibrant Dallas Fort Worth, AREA, where he serves a wide variety of multi-ethnic customers. He completed his Professional Photography Certification at The University of Texas at Arlington in 2010. Zechariah is active member of the American Professional Photographer’s Association.


Zechariah passion for photography has led him to work all over the world.  Zechariah was inspired by the idea that a photo captures a unique moment in life that can never be recreated!  Zechariah has travelled extensively in Europe, where he gained photography experience and developed a professional portfolio in Italy.  He has also travelled throughout Asia and gained knowledge in the latest technologies used in visual production.  Zechariah has experience interacting in multi-ethnic, diverse social and cultural environments.  He strives to produce exceptional images of never-to-be-repeated moments that will be cherished by his clients.
Zechariah is grateful to have met and shared countless wonderful experiences with so many people all over the world!

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