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I am passionate about the art of photography. I see and capture the special moments of your life with beautifully executed photographs and preserve these memories for generations to come. Such moments include the tender connections that we share with each other, the view of unique landscapes, historical sites, artistic performances and much more! I am devoted to the art of photography with the constant expansion of my technical and artistic knowledge. If you can dream it, I can create it. Photographs that reflect your unique style. If you want modern – vintage – dramatic – unique; I am eclectic and specialize in all things love. No matter what your style is, I can capture who you are: as an individual – as a couple – as a family – how you would like to be remembered in this life by others, FOREVER.

Photography /videography services, located in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. We also Travel Nationwide, give us a call today for your future photography / videography needs. From weddings photography. Weddings /videography. Family session, Portraits Photography, Engagement session, on location photography, Food Photography, Destination Photography/Videography, corporate photography/ Headshot, Funeral Photography, Graduation, Real estate Photography, aerial Photography & videos.

My clients crave a unique and professional experience

– that’s why they choose Zechariah Photography

I am lucky that my clients let me capture the moments that are most precious to them and expose their souls to the world at large.  I feel lucky to have chosen this as a profession and am thankful that my clients invite me into their lives at critical points in time.

I cannot express how much joy my clients bring me; during our time together, we laugh, cry, dance and celebrate all life has to offer!

Anyone can take pictures, but at ZECHARIAH PHOTOGRAPHY , I deliver photographic art that will be cherished for generations!

Give me the chance to show you my style and artistic eye before you make your final decision. We travel to any distinctions

2017/04/14 13:32:51:pm
Clients Name: Grace & Louis

If your looking for amazing photography, look no further.. Zak did an incredible job at our wedding! The moments of love, laughter and yes, a little silliness were all captured and Zak turned them into the best memories. I want to thank you Zak, for your time, your patience and professionalism you showed toward us and our guest during our special day!
2016/12/21 21:17:22:pm
Clients Name: Chad

Great Photography. Good to have you take my pictures. The photos were wonderful
2016/12/11 18:07:47:pm
Clients Name: Duaa Aljaz

I love video so much. The best high light video ever made. Thank u Zak Photos for the amazing pictures and videos! U are truly the best videographer in Dfw. Your creativity and imaginative ideas go a long way!! You did an excellent job at my wedding and I’m very pleased with all the pictures and videos thank you very much for all your time!
2016/10/26 03:10:51:am
Clients Name: Sameera

There are many people in this world who get the job done but Zak is one of those who gets the job done with “Passion”. I am one of those people who out of a 400 pictures would like 1 or 2 pictures max but with Zak’s photography I was amazed to find myself Loving all the 400 pictures at once! Beautiful work and I will definitely be booking Zak for many events ahead! Keep the Passion up!!
2016/10/19 21:40:47:pm
Clients Name: Paul

LLP was present for my graduation party, and I have to admit I am overjoyed by the amazing photo quality! Zak sure knows how to frame good memories! I look forward to more services from LLP!
2016/10/12 18:53:35:pm
Clients Name: Murad Abusaad

Can’t ask for more ! I loved Zak great work recording my wedding . Picture quality is beyond great . Million thanks to you Zak
2016/09/19 01:38:39:am
Clients Name: Sheila102683

Magaling at mabait na photographer. Ipagpatuloy mo ang napakaganda mong mga gawa 🙂
2016/09/13 17:11:21:pm
Clients Name: Yasmeen

Your definitely good at photography and allowing others to glance at what u see throw your lens
2016/09/13 17:06:59:pm
Clients Name: Gia

very nice work ,incredible talent
2016/09/11 23:08:30:pm
Clients Name: Sameer Amarneh

انت فنان مبدع يا زاك تصويرك فيه احتراف وذوق وابداع وانت رجل طيب وكريم وصادق وما اجمل التعامل معك يا طيب
2016/09/10 04:03:35:am
Clients Name: Maria McCloud

You are definitely an exceptional photographer. You bring out beauty and capture emotions in your photographs.
2016/08/23 03:55:45:am
Clients Name: Sameera Kassam

Amazing work! Taking good pictures is an art which you excel at! Keep up the good work!
2015/09/17 00:49:42:am
Clients Name: Tatiana

Nice work great personality .he really know what he doing .I highly recommend him for any photography needs
2015/09/17 00:46:23:am
Clients Name: Tatiana

You take the most awesome pictures .. I love the way you pose the clients and the backgrounds are beautiful .
2014/12/29 03:29:00:am
Clients Name: Roshdy Aly and Karolina Sadek

I am so glad to have had the opportunity to have you at our wedding. All the pictures are amazing! Couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you so much. We really appreciate your hard work. You were very unique and fun to work with. All portraits are very original. Thanks again.
2014/10/26 22:09:04:pm
Clients Name: Carl & Sarah Hubert

It was such a pleasure to have LLP (Zak) as our photographer. He made the experience great with his professional but yet personal touch of service. We would recommend LLP/Zak for all your photography needs. It was our first use of his service but it felt like we had always known Zak the way he treated us. Great customer service and quality work is worth it all. Thanks a million Zak, Carl and Sarah Hubert
2014/06/17 21:32:27:pm
Clients Name: Lorelei with NewDay Services

Zak worked with us on our annual charity golf tournament. He was a complete professional, came very well prepared and was incredibly enthusiastic about his work. We received many compliments from our attendees about him and how courteous he was in interacting with the crowds. We highly recommend his work- he has a great eye & a kind heart!
2014/05/07 21:20:14:pm
Clients Name: AHMED

More than happy to highly recommended you to any one ,very nice ,super professional ,no what he doing
2014/05/07 21:15:06:pm
Clients Name: adam

great person amazing work and great customer service
2014/01/27 02:50:53:am
Clients Name: E. WILLIAMS

2013/12/31 19:08:34:pm
Clients Name: Ash deiri

Zak went out of his way and did so much for our wedding and still til now almost 2 yrs later I see him at other events and taking pictures of my family. Great job and customer service and follow ups like no other company Good luck and best of wishes from our family
2013/11/23 02:28:53:am
Clients Name: Maria Trillo Farah

I wish they were the photographers for my daughter’s wedding we saw their work with professionalism , art. unique . I highly recommended
2013/11/19 03:13:16:am
Clients Name: Amanda

Zak did a great job with my pics and wedding video! Definitely recommend him!!
2013/11/06 02:47:54:am
Clients Name: Maria Trillo Farah

I have seeing Zak’s work ,Is amazing I wished we would knew him before for my daughter’s wedding, For sure we will hire him next events at our business. Wishing him good luck no doubt you will be the one for our event at our opening. More than happy to highly recommended you
2013/11/06 02:47:27:am
Clients Name: Maria Trillo Farah

I have seeing Zak’s work ,Is amazing I wished we would knew him before for my daughter’s wedding, For sure we will hire him next events at our business. Wishing him good luck no doubt you will be the one for our event at our opening.
2013/09/13 03:35:54:am
Clients Name: Valerie

A great place! I had a very pleasant experience with my Wedding Photography service. These people are very professional and they really offer competitive prices, a wide variety of services. They basically pleased me completely on my wedding day, the most important day of my life. Thank you so much for your great service!

OUR GOAL — We want to serve you and make sure your memories are captured in the most beautiful way possible.

The photographs from your wedding are one of the only things you walk away with and that is something we value more than anything. We strive to provide the best service and products possible. Give us a call or come visit our office.We travel to any destination.